Meridian Cygnet
  Meridian Cygnets on Corner Inlet.

Sea kayaking. Living the dream in a Meridian Kayak.

Australian sea kayaks.

Expertly designed  and proudly made in Australia to suit our unique "Ozzy" conditions. 

At Meridian Kayak your interests will always come first. That is our passion and what drives us to continue to develop sea kayaks for the intrepid kayaker.

Expanding your horizons.....


Welcome to our website..

Here you find a wealth of useful information about sea kayaks and sea kayaking.  

About us..

Our origins go back a long way to a young boy's ambitions of becoming a professional surfer.  That ambition was finally realised with our principal become a professional sea kayak instructor who then continued his career to become a designer and producer of Australian sea kayaks.

Since beginning operations in Melbourne, Australia, in 1998,  as an adventure tourism business, Meridian Kayak has been providing a wide range of SEA KAYAKING services, equipment and experiences.


In these days of Climate Change,  Meridian Kayak has always been committed to sustained environmental / ecotourism/ recreation  opportunities.  Sea kayaking allows the intrepid kayaker/ adventurer to embrace the natural sea world and to take their memories, their photos and not leave any footprints...


Sea Kayaks..

Composite construction or cedar wood strip - our designs are a reflection of our professionalism and attention to detail.


Why Meridian Kayaks
* Passion
* Professionalism
* Performance
Sea kayaking,

Skills and know how. What you need to get the most enjoyment out of this fabulous pastime. 




Browse our article on Seamanship to see what this exciting pastime has to offer.

Expert tips on sea kayak designs,

Paddleing techniques

and Places to paddle here in Australia and over there. (at sometime)